As a non-governmental organization Association cooperates both with local and international non-governmental organizations and structures. Besides, Association cooperates also with state and local self-governing bodies of the Republic of Armenia within the frameworks of its Charter.

Association started its cooperation with local and international structures and organizations within the frameworks of the publication of “Judicial power” (previously “Law Newspaper”) scientific-methodical journal. Various international organizations have constantly supported the publication of the journal. The journal has been published by the support of ABA/CEELI Armenian office of the American Bar Association (now ABA/ROLI) for a long time. Later the cooperation was continued with the UNO Program of Fight against Narcotics in the Transcaucasia, USAID Bearing Point’s Economic Regulation Program, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ).

Currently, the “Judicial power” journal is being published by the Association's financial means.

By the efforts of the Council of Europe and the Association, nine volumes of collections of the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights translated into Armenian have been published.

As a result of the joint program of the Council of Europe during the last years, works dedicated to Articles 5, 6, 9 of the European Convention, Article 1 of Protocol №1, “English-Armenian, Armenian-English dictionary of Terms of European Convention on Human Rights”, “Guide Book on Human Rights for Prosecutors” have been published.

Seminar-courses were also organized on the topics of European law for the judges of the Republic of Armenia.

Currently the cooperation is continuing and different measures are foreseen to be organized dedicated to the other articles of the European Convention, as well as to the main issues of the case-law practice of European Court.

For the provision of the awareness of the population on legal issues, for raising the reputation of judicial system and consolidating the confidence within the society, by the support of ABA/CEELI Armenian office of the American Bar Association, Association published ten volumes of family library in 2002 for the purpose of the implementation of its statutory tasks.

In 2005, by the support of ABA/CEELI Armenian office of the American Bar Association, the Association published the Rule Book of RA judge’s conduct. In 2007, by the joint Decision of Ethics Committee of RA Council of Courts Chairmen and the Board of RA Association of Judges, the interpretations of the Rule Book of RA judge’s conduct were published, the presentation of which took place on 25 July 2007.

In the result of the cooperation with Bearing Point, USAID Economic Regulation Program, a guide book “Stock Right” and the second volume of the collection of verdicts and decisions of RA Economic Court were published and distributed to the members of the Association free of charge.

In the result of cooperation with the Round-Table Foundation of the World Council of Churches, the guide books “Right of Creed”, “Right of Education” and “Affordability of Justice” and more than 10 manuals on other legal topics were published. Within the framework of cooperation with the program “Improving the quality of providing asylum system in the RA involvement strategy in judicial system” of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and with the “Mission Armenia” charitable non-governmental organization there were published the 10th volume of the "Collection of Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights", as well as the scientific-practical analysis on “International legal and domestic issues of the institute of extradition in the Republic of Armenia”.

Within the framework of cooperation with the OSCE Office in Yerevan, a lot of publications have been published, including: "Legal, theoretical and practical grounds, modern developments and phase of improvement of judicial control on pretrial period”, “Actual issues of legal assistance in criminal matters in the Republic of Armenia”, 1st and 2nd volumes of scientific-practical commentary on the decisions of the Criminal Chamber of the Cassation Court of the RA. In 2017, the Association has provided financial support to the publication of the 3rd volume of scientific-practical commentary on the decisions of the Criminal Chamber of the Cassation Court of the RA.

Within the framework of cooperation with various organizations and institutions RA Association of Judges has also got an active participation in the discussion of draft laws and presents relevant proposals the main part of which are being adopted by the legislative body. Seminars, scientific conferences, discussions are being organized for that purpose.

Currently, in the result of negotiations, new ways of cooperation have been developed with the RA Academy of Justice.

RA Association of Judges actively cooperates with the YSU Law Faculty, RA Association of Lawyers, RA Chamber of Advocates.

Since 2008 RA Association of Judges has become the full-fledged member of the International Association of Judges, which has raised the international rating of the RA Association of Judges and has expanded the international contacts of the Association. This is evidenced by the fact that the 51st annual conference of International Association of Judges was organized in Armenia, which was a sole event in the region.

In 2017, within the framework of the visit to the Federal Republic of Germany the Chairman of the Association Ye. Khundkaryan met with the Chairman of the German Association of Judges Jens Gnisa. The peculiarities of the formation and activity of the judiciary of the two countries, as well as the prospects of cooperation between the two countries' judicial associations were discussed during the meeting.

Close relations have been established with the International Association of Women Judges, and as a result, on May 2-8, 2018, three judges had been sent to the 14th Biennial International Conference "Building Bridges between Women Judges of the World'' which took place in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

It is foreseen to expand the cooperation with other structures in future, for implementing new programs for case-law, European, commercial, copyright and the other branches of right, aiming to support the improvement of judicial practice in the aforementioned fields. As a result of cooperation with the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (IRZ) in 2017-2018, the official website of the Association was modified and re-launched keeping in line with the latest information solutions.