Dear friend,

Welcome to the օfficial web-site of the “RA Association of Judges” non-governmental organization.

For more than 20 years of activity the RA Association of Judges has always been giving importance to transparent and accessible work style, which is aimed for strengthening the court-public relations. It goes beyond controversy, that in compliance with our mission we will exert every effort in order to ensure that the activities of the judge – safely characterized as unique function within our country – which are related to effecting justice, be more accessible and understandable to the citizens contrbuting to the formation of an atmosphere of trust towards the judiciary in the society.

The main aim of the updates of the official web-site of RA Association of Judges is full illustration of the working activities of professional, creative and public tones of the Association, individual members of the Association, full of new approaches and modern technical solutions, as well as the presentation of the global and regional modern challenges of the judicial system, development tendencies of these processes, which will give an opportunity to have a real idea about the status of justice in the Republic of Armenia and the ensuring of its accessibility.

We are hopeful that you will find useful information not only about the issues that concern you, but also about the interesting professional activities of a judge.

We wish an effective cooperation.


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